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“Laura is in incredibly talented and experienced designer. She lived up to every aspect of her impressive portfolio. In addition to providing great UI design and enhancing the MIVA product line, she also contributed to process improvement. Laura is a great team player and was enjoyable to work with.”

Scott Kendrick, Senior Director, Global Product Management, MIVA, Inc

“It was a pleasure working with Laura at MIVA. It is always easy to when someone like Laura reports to you. I never had to worry about her projects because she was always on time, she had excellent relationships with key stakeholders, and delivered high quality results. When delivering graph design elements, Laura went above and beyond by delivering multiple options for people to choose from where sometimes we struggled because the choices were all outstanding. In the UI designs, Laura really listened to what her “customers” (whether internal or external) wanted and delivered. She never attaches ego to her deliverables and is extremely flexible when changes are required. She is a star performer!”

Michele Nylander, Director of User Experience, MIVA, Inc

“I worked with Laura while at MIVA and during that time was continually impressed with the AOL and designs she was able to create. She has a keen understanding of her audience and could tailor her creatives as such. Additionally, she had a very calming personality, one who would work towards a deadline, but not get overtly stressed as it was approaching.”

Steve Aubin, Software Development Manager, MIVA, Inc

“Laura is a terrific art director and contributed greatly to the success of the AOL design. She is greatly respected by her fellow designers, both for her impeccable design talent and for her excellent leadership abilities. I highly recommend Laura and hope to work with her again in the future.”

Robert Raines, Vice President and Creative Director, America Online

“I always loved working with Laura because she focused on the client's needs and desires. That's not to say that she let you do stupid things. But she at least made you think the smart ideas were yours, when they really were hers. Laura was great to work with, great to collaborate with.”

Gary Kebbel, News Director, America Online

“Laura's first concern was always for the client's & the user's goals. She sought to understand both perspectives completely & to reflect the needs of both in her designs. Her technical & communication skills where well served by quick thinking & designing. Her passion for creating engaging & intuitive user experiences make her a standout as a designer.”

Heather Crombie, Principal UI Designer, America Online

“Laura is a creative problem solver with a great attitude and lots of ideas. She is a pleasure to work with, and was well liked by everyone on the team. Her creative contributions to the Electra project really made a difference. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Laura again!”

Charlie Fink, Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer, AOL Studios, America Online, Inc.

“I worked with Laura while at AOL Greenhouse. Her sensibilities as a designer are extraordinary -- fluid, sensual and beautiful. As a member of our team, she infused her work with the qualities of a mentor, raising everyone's game. She remains a friend and someone I would recommend without hesitation to anyone considering working with her.”

Gwen McCracken, Programming Manager, America Online

“Laura is an outstanding graphic and interaction designer with a unique blend of technical, creative & communication skills. She was always striving to learn the hottest new techniques and tools and provide the very best solution for her clients. Reliable, detail-oriented and a pleasure to work with - someone like Laura does not come along very often. I enjoyed working with Laura during our time together at AOL's Greenhouse, and she gets my very highest recommendation!”

Valerie Aaron, Senior Interactive Media Developer, America Online

“During our time working together Laura continuously demonstrated creativity, focus and enthusiasm while assuming personal responsibility to deliver the best solutions. She maintains a positive friendly attitude that is infectious and makes working with her a pleasure. I would recommend Laura as a must have asset on any creative team.”

Don Nalezyty, Department Manager / Project Manager, Bethesda Softworks

  • Little Buddha Design is the online home of Laura Melbourne, a seasoned User Experience Designer and Graphic Artist.

    I work with small businesses and individuals who need an effective online presence to create professional, attractive web sites built according to web standards. You can view some of my work or contact me.

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